About this Site

A Soliloquy
After an hour of internet surfing…

MYSELF: I wanted a blog of my own.
ME: (murmurs) Ingiterang palaka! (‘envious frog’). It’s quite easy, make one!

MYSELF: Googled. Create blog. Pause. Look up. Type. Hits backspace. Type again. Hits backspace and so on.

ME: (confuse) *head shake*. What’s wrong?

MYSELF: I can think of what will be this site is all about?

ME: First tip says you should know your interest.

MYSELF: I have lot of interests. Everything ‘under the sun’ NO! even what’s ‘above or the ‘sides’ of it that even the sun itself interest me.

ME: That’s complicated. Too broad. But, does the sun have sides? Anyway, how about a ‘just about anything’ site?

MYSELF: Don’t have much appeal to me. It seems no identity.

ME: (murmurs) So is you.


ME: Nothing! (smiles sheepishly). How about a book review? You are a bookworm. (murmurs, literally)

MYSELF: How can I write a book review of encyclopedias and medical books??? I’ve long since dropped novels when I become addicted to Korean dramas.

ME: *Face Palm* (disgusted). Those DRAMAS again! Aren’t you gone tired camping in your room watching them in marathon? Seriously, do you have plans being a cavewoman? I don’t, so I won’t tolerate you writing about those lo-o-ong episodic dramas again here.

MYSELF: (smiles) Don’t worry I am not planning to do so, I’d rather do movies.

ME: (face brightened) MOVIES? Oh I LOVE movies!!!

MYSELF: Me too! (giggles). But…since I mention movies…C-a-n I w-r-i-t-e about dramas too?

ME: *face palm*

MYSELF: Pleasssssse? (waggles tail)

ME: Haisst. Okey okey but since it’s lo-o-ong, just write a general preview. Let Dramabeans (http://www.dramabeans.com/) do the recap. Concentrate on movies!

MYSELF: (eyes glowed). I’ll really work hard on movies; I’ll even retell it to you, scene per scene!

ME: A scene per scene sounds delightful, but I’m negative, it can’t be done. Yeah life equilibrium allows us to separate, but TIME constraints will sure stifles you from doing so. Your work is demanding, besides you don’t have much resources do you?

MYSELF: Are you underestimating me just now? I have already think of a plan on how to do it.

ME: Care to share? (listen intently)

MYSELF: Okey (with matching hand gestures). If time seems so long for me, I’ll retell on my own, but if it seems short, I’ll copy plots from Wikipedia.

ME: (turn back, dissapointed) Don’t tell me you’ll also go shopping for  web images?

MYSELF: C’mon it’s for convenience. I’ll edit those borrowed plots though, to include what I think necessary and delete those I considered not. As for images, yes I’ll pick it from the web. 

ME: Your hopeless!

MYSELF: Atleast I’m honest.

ME: I’m just concerned you know. Are you sure you’ll not step on legalities out there? Cause if you’ll do, I’m not going to prison with you.

MYSELF: Obcourse not! I’ll just make use of them as reference, for fun, for entertainment, for the sake of my passion for writing, and for the readers.

ME: Because you mentioned your passion your writing, I’m back for moral support. BUT,as for the reader(s) with‘s’ I thought this site is just for me.

MYSELF: C’mon don’t be egocentric. I’m positive here, I believe this site will grow. Besides, don’t you want some people visiting and have a chat with you.

ME: The talkative me wants to, but I suggest you set your standards low. There are myriads of blogsites out there; I bet you’ll only have me as your visitor (laughs).  I know you, you don’t like advertising and bragging to the world. How will people know that this exists?

MYSELF: I’m touched by the concern, but don’t worry that much. This site will have its way.

ME: I admire that confidence. It’s something I need to cultivate for myself. But I’m wondering what will be the name of your site?

MYSELF: Hmmmmm, (look up)We’ll call it, the GREEN BEE! (James' Reid accent)

ME: (peeved).

MYSELF: (Laughs out loud). I thought you like The Green Hornet?

ME: I like Jay Chou, not your green hornet. C’mon seriously.

MYSELF: (turns serious,yet grin still in the face) We’ll call it ‘My Movie Garden’ where I’ll plant movies, nourish them therby allowing them to grow.

ME: That’s nevertheless ‘green’, but I like it. Will you write on pseudonym?

MYSELF: Do I need to? My real  name’s fine.

ME: Do you think so? Because I think Mary Jane sounds like a drug. Can’t you imagine the ruckus it’ll cause if you’ll plant it in this garden? Your site will be flag as bad influence. I can’t suffer public disgust. Just use MJ.

MYSELF: MJ? It sounds male. Don’t you think it’s misleading?

ME: That’s the essence of having a pseudonym, besides where protecting some dignity here.

MYSELF: Dignity? How does this whole conversation leads to dignity?

ME: Didn’t you forget, you are a public servant? Using your identity will expose you’re a drama addict that needs rehab. You buy movies on bootlegs, download on Torrentz, you childishly squeal, swoon, even drool in every ‘chinky’ actor and above all, you forget to bath when you’re in a watching drama/movie spree. So for the love of God ple—(mouth covered by myself).

MYSELF: (Hush sign). That are supposed to be our secret, but due to your extreme talking, now they know (Stop to smell myself. Then, grimace) EVERYTHING.

ME: S-O-R-R-Y. Before I ruined everything, let’s join up for you to write your first post.

MYSELF: I agree, before they think I’ve lost balance and gone crazy talking to you.

Join up. Me (M) + Myself (J)