Tuesday, March 1, 2011

April Snow

J: I admit that I watch this movie simply because I've seen that the lead actor is Bae Yong Joon of Endless Love Winter Sonata (one of the great Korean drama I've watched so far) and Son Ye-jin. I've read write ups that they are superstars in Korea.

M: J, it seems it's becoming a habit of yours to select movies because of the leads. Are you sure this isn't those melodrama kind again? To top it all, this is Korean again.

J: M, I promise you'll not get disappointed. The story tells about adultery, the pains it cause and how they learned to get revenge in a very ironic way.

APRIL SNOW  is about two married people In Su and Seo Young. When their spouses was involved in a car accident they found out that the two, In Su's wife and Seo Young's husband have an affair.

While they are in a coma, In Su and Seo Young created an affair of their own, In Su saying jokingly that it's the best way to get revenge to their respective spouses. But what was once an affair evolved into love as they occasionally approach each other for help.

Eventually In Su's wife recovered while Seo Young's husband died. Seo Young decided to part ways believing that their love is so impossible that it has to snow in  spring for it to come true.

The two continue with their lives,In Su tending to the recovery of his wife while working as a lighting director.
Then one day,while In Su is packing along with his team from a successful open-ground concert--- it started to snow. News report said that it is very unlikely that during April, when the spring flowers are in bloom the snow will just bury them. It added that global warming is the likely cause.
The movie ended with Seo Young watching the snow from a glass window and a conversation between the two, In Su asking where to go,while they drive into the road, now full of snow.

M: You said this isn't melodrama?
J: I never said that. I said you'll never get disappointed.
M: If not for the love scene and BYJ abs,I've slept.
J: It's the love scene and the abs that woke you up? Huh, I never thought your that kind.
M: (laughs). You know me, it's just  that I'm surprised,that's all, considering that I don't saw much of them in many Korean dramas and movies that I already watched,kudos to the director who made it still look decent in comparison to some American and Mexican dramas and movies which are sometimes overly "passionate".
J: Why does it sound more like an excuse to me?
M: C'mon don't be naive, where adults here, before we go on talking on topics we shouldn't discuss, let's just comment on the movie.
J: Escaping tactic huh!
M: Will you not really let me get away with it? Let's talk about adultery.
J: Adultery is a sin and a root of other sins.It is not a taboo for me. I've read a lot about it, watched a lot of TV dramas and movies with it and  I've even seen real people committing it.
M: You've seen???  That's gross!
J: That's not to be taken literally, your really been 'green-minded'. Disgusting!
M: Touchy?
J: Stare.Ominous.
M: Okey I'll stop. I am not completely against it.
J: About what?
M: Aren't we're talking about Adultery?
J: Oh, but it's a sin. Yes, there are situations where you can say that its acceptable, but the point is Adultery per se is wrong no matter how you look at it. It's just like a white lie, no matter how white it is, it is still a lie. 
M: But what about love? 
J: Love itself is not an excuse to do it. I remember this line from a TV drama; Daughter: What did I do wrong, I just loved? Mother: Child, if someone is already affected that love is wrong. Adultery causes pain, self-degradation to the other party, breaks families and ultimately more often than not,it leads to revenge. 
M: Well said, but we're talking about April Snow here.
J: The method is still wrong.
M: That's just rationality, not the real thing. Let's test your stand; the ending is too open quoted how will you end it?
J: Come on, it's obvious! In Su's wife creating an affair with another man is a proof that she don't love him anymore, so the least thing she can do to make it right is to let him be happy. 
M: See, there is always an exception.That's why BYJ abs is worth talking than your idealism.
J: Oh for the love of God move on with the abs?
M: Well, aside from the BYJ abs, I admire his 'casual' acting, It's not acting at all, he seems the character. So as So Ye Jin. There are not too pushy. They look like a real couple.
J: But like Daddy-Long-Legs, pacing is slow.
M: Your the one who chose this remember?
J: Well, it's still worth it. I'll grade it a 7.
M: I'll give it an 8, +1 is for the abs (laughs).


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